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Halal Italia certification is available to all kinds of companies regardless of their annual income, number of staff or production plants.

Certification contracts are tailored to requirements and also cover companies involved in packaging, transportation and or other related services.

Companies can also obtain halal certification in partnership with their subcontractors.

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What kind of halal certificate?

icona certificato prodotto
Product certificate
Food Cosmetics Pharmaceutical
icona certificato linea produttiva
Production line certificate
Food Cosmetics Pharmaceutical
icona certificato di servizi
Services certificate
icona certificato export
Shipment certificate
icona certificato lotto di produzione
Production batch certificate
icona certificato lotto
Batch certificate
Bovine slaughtering
icona certificato lotto
Batch certificate
Poultry slaughtering
icona certificato lotto
Batch certificate
Ovine slaughtering
illustrazione formazione halal italia

Additional service


Training carried out in person or remotely depending on the company's needs is particularly recommended before the on-site audit. Read more


  • to find out the principles governing what is permissible or what is not according to Islamic tradition
  • to become familiar with practical aspects and general requirements to be adopted in production processes and all the relevant forms
  • to learn about Islamic certification standards and the regulations in force
  • to present an overview of the national/international halal market

Independently of the certification process, information courses are organised with numerous companies in partnership with chambers of commerce, trade associations and trade fair organisations.


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The Halal Italia trademark can only be used exclusively for labels and communication materials that are linked to brands owned by the certified company and referred to in the relative contract. Read more

After the audit (stage 2), Halal Italia verifies an example of the packaging to be used for products bearing the certification trademark before deciding whether to issue certification. Only after certification has been issued is the company authorised to use and print the Halal Italia trademark on its products and materials.

Tips for avoiding common mistakes when using the Halal Italia trademark:

  • it must not be bigger than the company brand or the product brand
  • it cannot be used on company business cards or letterheads
  • it must not be misshaped
  • it must not include «» website
  • it must not be placed inside shapes that alter its structure and make it look like a different trademark
  • stickers bearing only the Halal Italia trademark cannot be used


illustrazione appelli e reclami halal italia



Halal Italia will consider any requests and complaints coming from companies regarding decisions taken on granting, suspending or withdrawing certification as follows: Read more
  • the company in question should send a letter to for the attention of Halal Italia’s Quality Manager
  • the letter, signed by its legal representative, must include the company’s contacts, the subject and reasons for the appeal complete with any attachments in support of the reasons given
  • a special appeals commission made up of members who were not involved in decision-making regarding the auditing and certification procedures will carry out all the appropriate inquiries, assess the company’s claims and re-examine the measures taken by Halal Italia
  • at the end of the complaints procedure Halal Italia will send written communication to the company regarding the outcome of the inquiry and any new decisions made.


illustrazione pre-audit halal italia

Additional service


In case of companies with some of the following complex situations: multiple production plants, multiple production lines, special processing operations, critical ingredients or raw materials and slaughterhouse, Read more
Halal Italia carries out a mandatory preliminary audit to assess the potential feasibility of the certification process, draw up a contract and make a financial offer catering for the company’s needs.


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