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A multicultural team

The main core of the Halal Italia certification body is made up of 28 people of different origins:

Italy, Afghanistan, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Iran, Morocco, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey.

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Staff, auditors and technical experts are graduates from Italian universities.

Continuous training and upgrading of the body’s Quality Management System are a further guarantee of professionalism.

third-party Italian voluntary quality certification body - supply chain and product

issuing of certificates in compliance with national and international halal Islamic standards

compliance with hygiene, food safety and animal welfare regulations in force in the European Union

certification procedures and language in accordance with ISO standards

Italian Islamic Religious Community (COREIS) independent religious authority whose views are expressed by the Halal Certification Ethics Committee

Founding partners


Chief Executive Officer


Quality Manager


Director of auditors


Project manager


Administration manager

The multiple skills of the five partners have contributed over time to upgrading and simplifying workflow management.

Their combined experience guarantees unique, internationally recognised continuity and corporate strength.

Hamid Roberto Distefano

Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality

AICE delegate

Italian Trade Association Assocarni delegate

Assocarni delegate National Association of Meat and Livestock

Consumer delegate

An expert in management systems and risk assessment

An imam from the Halal Certification Ethics Committee of the Italian Islamic Religious Community (COREIS)

Quality Manager Halal Italia

Chief Executive Officer Halal Italia

The inter-ministerial convention
for Halal Italia

Halal Italia initiatives


Rome, 30th June 2010

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Halal certification in Italy has existed since the 1980s; it started out as a local operation linked to individual Islamic centres or imams that issued a declaration of conformity based on what they had learnt in their countries of origin.

Halal Italia was established in 2009 to ensure Italian companies could rely on religious certification of an internationally recognised standard.

The Milan Chamber of Commerce’s special agency for International Activities - PROMOS - launched an initial project, which was relaunched in 2010 by four Italian ministries (Foreign Affairs, Economic Development, Health, and Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies) in the presence of the ambassadors of OIC countries.

A good practice to the benefit of the entire Islamic community and all consumers in the name of dialogue and cooperation with other organisations working seriously in Italy and abroad.

In the Islamic world, work and trade have always been a vehicle for knowledge and interaction between nations with different cultures and religions.

Halal certification is a tool to bring different worlds closer together and create interconnections between people, societies and economic systems for a globalisation including various identities.

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