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Halal Italia is a voluntary Italian certification organization for the most outstanding Italian products in conformity with the rules as to what is permissible (halal) under Islamic law in the food (not just meat), cosmetics, health, pharmaceutical, finance and insurance sectors. This is a certification of quality, distribution chain and product that, from a technical point of view, forms part of the procedures already followed by firms within the ambit of the rules of such standard-setting bodies as ISO and HACCP.
Compliance with Italian and EU regulations regarding hygiene, food safety and animal welfare is essential for halal Certification to be issued.
Halal Italia also supplies training and commercial assistance and marketing services for the Italian and foreign market to firms interested in developing new products and exploring new opportunities.

Our Services

  • Halal certification for products and production lines with the aim of improving the quality standards in the present supply of halal certified products in Italy;

  • advice and services relating to the compatibility of the needs of Muslims in accordance with Islamic law in Italian society;

  • guidance for Italian entrepreneurs on the religious principles underpinning the Islamic dietary laws (also valid for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors);

  • transformation of these principles into working procedures that take into consideration the cultural and economic context of the Italian firms when issuing halal certification;

  • promotion in the Islamic world of the quality of Italian products, guaranteed by their total conformity with the international halal standards (also through recognition of the mark by the Islamic authorities) and the EU and Italian regulations on product quality and production processes;

  • guidance for firms on the needs of the markets of the Islamic world and the right approach to the sensibilities of Muslim customers, as well as support for the process of internationalization of the Italian firms, through initiatives aimed at promoting commercial activities, partnerships and assistance in the search for local distributors.