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Versione Italiana

International Accreditatios

The inclusion of Halal Italia in the international networks of halal certification bodies - there is no single reference body - has opened up two important halal hubs to Italian companies: the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. The leading countries in the halal market do not internationally recognize any certification from non- Muslim bodies, and are distrustful of those bodies which only have a commercial interest in halal, never giving any real indication of being an integral part of the Islamic community and the religious life of believers in their own country. It should be borne in mind that halal certification is a certification of quality based on religious doctrine and, therefore, a connection with a recognized trustworthy Islamic authority is an indispensable indication of legitimacy and credibility.



In July 2010, a delegation from CO.RE.IS.-Halal Italia met with the authorities of MUIS-Majlis-Ugam Islam Singapura Muis (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore): the institution that brings together all the Islamic organizations of Singapore. The process for the accreditation of the Halal Italia brand was set in motion, and it was officially recognized by the Singapore authorities in February 2011. This recognition has opened up the South-East Asia market, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, to companies with the Halal Italia certification.



A delegation from CO.RE.IS.-Halal Italia visited the Department of Food Safety at the Ministry of Environment and Water of Dubai in January 2011. Following this visit, at the start of the certification process, an official delegation of the Ministry thoroughly inspected both the offices of Halal Italia and halal-certified slaughterhouses. On January 10, 2012, the Ministry of Environment and Water issued a decree recognizing the Halal Italia certification and the religious authority of CO.RE. IS. Italiana. This is a great success achieved through the careful study and creation of a successful quality system for slaughterhouses in particular and for the entire food and agriculture industry in general. Halal Italia is the only Italian organization to have obtained recognition of its own halal certificates in the United Arab Emirates and thus in all the other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.


For the first time, in a government programme agreement between the State of Malaysia and the Italian Republic, a paragraph on halal cooperation has been included. Halal Italia and COREIS Italiana were both named in this bilateral agreement, which was signed in Milan on September 2011.