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audit outcome

In the absence of any Non-Conformities or Recommendations or following their due resolution, the company’s documentation will be examined by the Halal Italia Certification Decision-Making Committee which will decide whether to issue the halal certificate.


A halal certificate of conformity is issued:

  • after the Certification Decision-Making Committee examines and approves the appropriate documentation
  • upon payment by the company of the financial fees stipulated in the contract.


Halal Italia certification is valid for one year from the date of issue shown on the certificate and is subject to surveillance audits to be scheduled annually at the company’s production site.


In the case of irregularities, the Certification Decision Making Committee may suspend certification for a fixed period of time. The suspension may only affect some of the certified products, processes or services.


Certification can be reinstated if the causes that led to the suspension are dealt with, such as the settlement of outstanding payments or the resolution of any Non-Conformities detected.


In cases where the company has not dealt with situations that led to the suspension of halal certification in the prescribed manner and time, certification is revoked by the Certification Decision-Making Committee. The contract between Halal Italia and the company will consequently be rescinded.