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Halal Italia will offer the company in question a three-year contract while halal certification must be renewed annually. The certification contract contains:

  • a financial offer for the products, processes or services to be halal certified
  • the costs of potentially extending certification to cover new halal products, processes or services
  • the costs of further certificates in addition to the general certificate, such as per batch and export certificates
  • a reference to the application form filled in by the company complete with relative attachments
  • a mention of the appropriate halal standards and relevant certification schemes
  • mention of the applicable Halal Italia regulations

A company can withdraw from the contract at any time by giving written notice, without having to pay a fine for early withdrawal.

Halal Italia may revoke certification if the company fails to comply with certain contractual stipulations. The company and certification body are obliged to inform each other promptly about any changes affecting the certification contract. Either party may refuse to accept the proposed changes.

Certification regulations

General Halal Italia regulations applicable to all certification procedures:

  • R1 – Certification Regulation
  • R2 – Regulation on the use of Halal Italia logo and trademark
  • R6 – Regulations for laboratory testing

Halal Italia regulations applicable for selected certification schemes:

  • R3 – Regulation for certifying Islamic ritual slaughtering
  • R4 – Regulation for certifying halal food products
  • R4A – Regulations for not permitted additives
  • R5 – Regulation for certifying halal cosmetics and personal care products